The First Big Splash

Splash of Happy is something I update on this blog every day. It is a simple way to share kind words, because even a small drop of positivity can have a big ripple effect. Every Wednesday I will make a “Big Splash” post. The purpose of the Big Splash is to dive a little deeper into what the quote or affirmation is that day. My hope is that sharing these happy words will shine a light for those who need it, or spark inspiration for anyone who has hit a creative roadblock!

The Splash today is “The magic doesn’t come from a spell or a stone or a meditation… it comes from the faith you pour into it.

This is something I remind myself often. Your heart will know if you truly believe in something or not. My favorite example is the boy from The Polar Express. (Perfectly fitting for this season, and fresh in my mind!) The main character gets on that train in the middle of the night. He travels on a grand adventure to the North Pole, and when the time comes to see Santa Claus he cannot hear the sleigh bells jingling, or ring-ring-ring-a-ling! He wants to believe but until he sees that jolly old soul with his own eyes, he can’t make his heart believe in the magic he’s already experienced.

We are all allowed to have doubts. We are allowed to be skeptical. Believing in everything blindly can be dangerous, so try to use good judgement about what you trust. That being said, we should all try to keep an open mind about things. Imagine living your whole life thinking the magical things that happen to you are all a dream. Great experiences go to those who embrace them. By denying their existence in your life, you push them further from your reality. If you can open your mind and your heart to the possibilty of goodness, it is more likely to surround you! Let yourself believe that healing spell will work. Let it be true in your heart that the obsidian stone you carry will protect you. Allow yourself to relax your doubting mind in that meditation, and see what kind of peace you can unlock within yourself.

If you can open your mind and your heart to the possibilty of goodness, it is more likely to surround you!

The tools are all around you. The most difficult part of believing comes from inside yourself. Have faith in the things you want to believe in, because that magic comes from you.

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