It starts like a single rain drop. It could be a repeating number, or an animal appearing to you constantly or behaving strangely. It begins slowly, so it is easy to brush it off. You can convince yourself that it was a coincidence. You tell yourself it isn’t raining. Then that single drop turns into a drizzle, and then a downpour. It becomes overwhelmingly difficult to ignore the rain. Soon you understand that there is no such thing as coincidence. This monsoon of spiritual enlightenment is pooling around you and now that its falling, you realize how badly you needed the rain. How had you survived for so long in a drought?

That puddle belongs to you now, and you must do all you can to keep your puddle full and clean. It is your inner peace. It is your happiness. It is your soul. After that initial rain, every day is like a rainbow. Things are brighter and clearer than they used to be. You radiate a new light. You were a seed, and now you are a flower, blossoming from the nourishment the rain gave you to help you grow. Keep your puddle full and clean. Keep your spirit full and clean.

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