Signs from the Angels

Imagine you are out for a walk, mulling over some touchy emotions or situation in your head. Maybe you just went through a difficult break-up, or you are on the verge of a life-changing move that has you feeling anxious. You take a deep breath and decide to stop and sit on a nearby bench for a moment. These emotionally charged thoughts are filling your head and you begin to wonder how you will ever make it through this rough time. Suddenly, a feather falls to the ground at your feet. Just one perfectly shaped feather, like a strange gift from the sky. You pick it up, and feel a bit more calm about your situation. The dilemma hasn’t disappeared, but somehow you just know you will make it through, and things will be okay.
Have you ever had a moment like this one? Congratulations! That feather is one of many signs that angels use to communicate with us in every day life. As you can imagine, it is very difficult for angelic beings to use words to speak with us. Thankfully they have many other ways to convey messages to us.

As mentioned in the scenario above, angels will sometimes use feathers to give us certain messages. The color of the feather can be significant to what the message means. For example, a white feather often means the angels are surrounding you at that time. They can also mean your spiritual gifts are awakening! In the case of the character above, the angels were probably sending some assurance that they were not alone in their dilemma. Even in the difficult times, they are loved!

Are you the kind of person who picks up coins when you see them on the street? If you ever feel the urge to pick them up, go for it! It can be a sign from the angels that wealth or abundance is coming your way. What crosses your mind when you find coins from the angels?

As you may have heard or read, spirits can manifest themselves as cold spots in the air. They disturb the electromagnetic field and leave energy that humans can feel. Angels sometimes do something similar, but there is something very distinct about the sensation from the angels. Some describe it as a hug-like feeling, or a sudden sense of comfort along with a temperature change. Many people also report noticing interesting or familiar fragrances, although that may be an ancestor or familiar spirit stopping to say hello. The more you work with your angels and spirits, the easier they will be to recognize.

This one isn’t specific to angels. Other spirit guides or ancestors may use music to communicate as well. Some people have said music is the language of the angels, so that is a wonderful way for them to communicate. Have you ever had a song pop into your head, and then it comes on the radio soon after? If a song keeps repeating, pay attention to the words- there could be a message for you in those lyrics! It is also important to pay attention to how the song makes you feel, or if you think of a certain person or place when you hear it. Use your intuition to find the messages the angels are giving you.

Ringing in the ears

A very common sign that angels are near is ringing in the ears. When angels give this sign, it is a high-pitched ringing sound that may be accompanied by a feeling of joy or relief. Angels exist on a higher dimensional plane, therefore they vibrate at a high frequency, much higher than humans.
NOTE: If the sound is a lower frequency and leaves you with a feeling of sadness or dread, that is almost certainly not angel. Try to cleanse yourself and your surroundings and clear that energy.

Repeating numbers are a very common symptom of spiritual awakening. Angels can use numbers to give us information or to get our attention. Numbers 0-9 have their own meanings. All numbers after 9 can be broken down into a single digit and interpreted using its individual meaning. Sometimes, though, the message is in the combined meaning of each digit in a number. Use your judgement and intuition to find which meaning is the right message from your angels.

The angels are always close, and will give signs as messages of love, guidance, and encouragement. It can take some time to learn how to interpret your angel messages. The best tool to use for these interpretations is your own intuition. Do not doubt your own feelings or thoughts about these signs. Believe in the angelic gifts you receive and trust yourself to work with them and follow their guidance. Remember, you are loved!

Sundays at The Divine Nature Blog are going to be all about the angels. I mentioned a lot of different signs here, and in the following weeks I will go more in depth about angel numbers, feathers, and much more! Check back every Sunday to find out more about the Angelic Realm.