Goal For the Week

Oh, Mondays. The day most despised by the working world. The day that people dread after enjoying the freedom of the weekend. I want to give Mondays a better name. Embrace the sense of renewal that comes with this day!

Every Monday I want to try and set weekly goals for myself. These goals can be something I want to accomplish by the following Monday, or they can be something to slowly work on over time. They won’t always be super spiritual or positive. Let’s be honest, if a goal exists it’s probably because of something we need to do better, so it won’t be the most positive to begin with. The idea is to become a better, more mindful version of myself.

This week, my goal is to be more open. We all wear masks, depending on who we are with or how we’re feeling that day. Starting this blog has made it clear to me that my mask has hidden who I am, even from myself. Every time I publish a post, I get so nervous my hands shake. It’s because there are pieces of me, pieces of my true voice that are in the words sprinkled onto these webpages. It makes me anxious to put my true self out there, but in doing so I’m finding myself again. That person who is buried leagues below a mask is ready to come out. It’s time to break the shell learn how to be me!

Thank you for reading my weekly goal. Feel free to share your own goals in the comments, any day of the week!

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