Big Splash 12/11

Quiet your thoughts long enough to hear your inner voice. It will always guide you the right way.”

The Splash of the Day today is all about hearing your inner voice. Lately I’ve learned that the inner voice- my inner voice, at least- is not my thinking voice. The voice in charge of most of my thoughts, the voice that judges and reacts to situations is my ego. When left in charge, that voice gets angry easily. That voice is quick to get jealous and blame others. That voice is often confused, and is not aligned with my true feelings and purpose.

I have noticed that my true inner voice has been trying to get my attention in a very interesting way. If you read my previous post about signs from the angels, you know that ringing in the ears is a common sign from angels or spirits. In the past when I’ve experienced my ears ringing, I thought it was angels or spirit guides trying to get a message through to me. I have tried to focus on the ringing itself. Nothing ever came of it, until a few weeks ago. Instead of just tuning into the ringing, I decided to close my eyes and see if it helped me focus on the message coming through. It worked! I’ve received interesting images, words and phrases, and direct guidance about the task at hand in those moments.

The guidance that is currently sticking with me is from a message I received from my inner self a few days ago. My patience was being tried by someone very close to me. Honestly, I wanted to lash out. The thoughts were to just speak my mind then and there, to end the conversation even if it meant saying hurtful things. Just before unleashing the rage on this person, my ears started to ring. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and tried to tap into wherever this message was coming from. At first, I didn’t see or hear anything. I concentrated a bit longer. Then something told me to just let go of whatever anger I was experiencing. It was almost like being reprimanded, as if I should have known better than to even think of saying the things that were in my head. My ego reacting to the negative situation gave me those hurtful thoughts, but my inner voice spoke up to stop it. I tuned in and acted with empathy and respect, which was more in line with my inner self. Had I acted on those negative thoughts, things with that person would be very unpleasant right now. Instead, I heard what my inner self had to say, and things are already running more smoothly with that relationship. Thank you, inner voice!

Now, I am not totally certain how to tell the difference between the angels, spirit guides, and inner voice when they come through. I do believe in the instance with my dwindling patience, it was my inner voice guiding me. This is still something new to me, but I am practicing to be better at tuning in all the time.

Thank you for reading this weeks Big Splash. If anyone has any tips or advice, or your own experience about inner guidance to share, feel free to leave a comment, or email!