The Shadow

Every person has a shadow. The hidden aspect of themselves. Their dark side. The shadow is the unconscious level of the self. It is the difficult traits that we prefer not to associate with, so many of us keep them in the dark. We carry out our lives in a half-consciousness, ignoring that dark gray void that sits right behind our “self.”

How beautiful could it be to be whole? If we were to acknowledge that side of ourselves, those dark pieces that we carry, who would we be then? To embrace the side that carries trauma and allow it to exist with our conscious self. That is true healing. Exploring any of our own consciousness under the surface is quite a feat, one that can open us up to an entire world of new possibilities. Diving into the shadow, though, is going that much further into our true selves. Looking into your shadow is the true beginning of self-analysis and reflection.

How beautiful could it be to be whole?… To embrace that side that carries trauma and allow it to exist with our conscious self. That is true healing.

Today I did a tarot reading for myself. Lately, using my cards hasn’t been as helpful as it used to be. Actually, I haven’t been open to the guidance they have for me. I have been going through some kind of emotional growth, one that has made it difficult for me to be understanding of the people close to me. It feels like I am a marble on a spiral slide. Things, faces, everything speeding by, but I can’t stop or even slow down to enjoy any of it. My perspective needed to change, and once I read the cards today, finally with enough focus to interpret them, it became clear. Not only am I the marble, in a constant spinning roll. I am also the slide. I am in control of how fast these moments pass, because I control how much I invest in those moments as they happen. If I just adjust that slide a bit, things will seem to slow down around me. I will see my three year old dancing and singing about loving her family. I can appreciate my three month old being tiny enough to be carried everywhere before she gets too big. I will have time to teach them how to love with their whole hearts, because the time is there for me to love with my whole heart.

My journey into self-relfection had taken me too deep, and life was passing me by. A shift in perspective was necessary, and allowed me to remember that life doesn’t need to be a constant state of healing. If we are always lost in the shadow, we miss the life happening in the light.

We have to find the balance between those two states of consciousness. In my case, I had been investing too much effort into my shadow self. While I am working on coming back to life, the deep emotional transition is still happening in the background. Something needs to heal, and I have to be the one who brings it to light. From there, it will either become a part of me, or I will have the ability to let it go. Whatever happens during this healing process, I know it will lead me to a lighter, brighter, more complete version of me.

We all have a shadow. The shadow that carries so much baggage that we project onto our friends and family. A shadow that wants to be seen, heard, and accepted. When we allow that shadow to heal and integrate with the rest of our being, it leads to growth. Not only do we understand ourselves on a deeper level, but we become more complete. Light cannot exist without darkness, and without both light and dark acknowledged in ourselves, we cannot be whole.