Connecting with Archangel Haniel

Yesterday, I was brainstorming about what I could write for the angel post today. Last week I mentioned different signs that angels will send when they have guidance or encouragement to offer. This time, I want to talk about ARCHANGELS. I want to describe my most recent connection with an Archangel, because it’s a fun one!
This is the third or fourth time I’ve experienced a vision that clearly involved an Archangel. The other one that I learned the name of was Archangel Chamuel. He came to me in a meditation, but I’ll go into that one another time. The connection (and what lead to it) I want to discuss today is with Archangel Haniel. To begin, I need to go back a few days, to the evening of December 11th.

Around 8:30pm, I took a quiz online that can identify untapped intuitive gifts. (Update: take the quiz here!) This was a bit before the Full Cold Moon (this is important!) that occurred at 12:12am. My result was clairvoyance (clear seeing) which is often my result for such quizzes. The quiz author, Gina, included a meditation in the quiz results. (Click here to check out her website! She does incredible work!) The meditation can help people connect with Archangel Haniel and help strengthen clairvoyant abilities. (At the time that I’m writing this, I haven’t done that meditation yet.) I didn’t know much about Haniel, so I looked her up. The extent of my research was learning that she is the Archangel of joy and divine communication. I didn’t think much more about any of it until Friday, December 13th. Both of my daughters were asleep earlier than they normally are. Quite lucky, considering the superstitious nature of the date! Anyway, I was laying down and letting my mind drift in that state between awake and asleep. Suddenly an image popped into my head of a woman dancing in a room. She was in front of a window with sunlight pouring through, surrounding her in the light. She had bright blue/green hair and a silver top. Honestly, she looked like someone from the future. I wondered who she was, and something in my head told me it was Haniel. I opened my eyes and brushed it off, assuming my mind was just giving me recycled details from previous days.

An image popped into my head of a woman dancing. She had blue/green hair and a silver top.

It’s okay if you were skeptical about this, because I was too! I’ve changed my tune though. Here are the reasons that I now believe it was Archangel Haniel connecting with me:

  1. She is associated with turquoise.
    After opening another email from the author of the quiz, I decided to do a bit more research about Archangel Haniel. Apparently, she is associated with turquoise and silver! Depictions of her material form often include turquoise clothing or hair, and beautiful silver wings. When the turquoise ray of light is seen in visions or dreams, it is often a signal of enhancing clairvoyant abilities. The color coincidence is the biggest detail that has me convinced it really was Archangel Haniel.
  2. She told me her name.
    Hearing the name when I wondered who she was seemed easy enough to brush off as a coincidence, but I understand now that she was telling me exactly who she was. She assists with divine communication, meaning she is a direct link from our lower vibrational frequency to that of the angels. She knows to communicate very clearly, which leads me to my next point…
  3. She aids in clearing the throat chakra.
    During chakra balancing meditations, I have discovered that my throat chakra is in need of some love. I have neglected speaking my mind and my truth, so it has been a focal point in my daily life to speak up and be honest with myself and others. Without even realizing it, I may have called on Archangel Haniel to assist me in clearing and balancing my throat chakra!
    **Note: I will be posting soon about the chakra meditation that helped me call on Haniel for assistance!**
  4. She is connected to the Moon.
    Her governing planet is Venus, but Archangel Haniel is very connected with the Moon. I received my quiz results with the meditation just a few hours before the peak of the Cold Moon, the last full moon of 2019. The phases of the moon all have different meanings, and the full moon is a significant time for letting go and releasing what no longer serves you. This is practically tripled by this most recent full moon; the phase itself is good for release, it is the end of the year, a great time for endings, and it is the end of a DECADE! I believe taking the quiz so close to that magical time opened a door between Haniel and myself. It also opened my mind, allowing me to fully experience the connection!

NOTE: Archangels should only be called upon when it is absolutely necessary. They have duties, and we need to respect them. If you do request assistance from any angel, Archangel, spirit guide, etc., be sure to express your gratitude to them! I try to always end these encounters by thanking them and asking if there is any way I can be of assistance to them. That’s just my preference, you can express your appreciation in whatever way works for you.

Thank you for reading about my new connection with Archangel Haniel! I am excited to see the progress I can make with my throat chakra and clairvoyance with her by my side!

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