Big Ripples From the Splash

This splash is a big one. First of all, I think the “Splash of Happy” is going to become a weekly quote, rather than changing daily. It started as a daily positive quote or affirmation, but I think it will be more meaningful to have a week to ponder and let the words sink in. The one that I chose for today is a phrase we have all heard at one time or another, and I am currently experiencing just how true it is.

“It takes money to make money.” That can’t be true of everything… can it? Kudos to anybody who can start a business or money-making endeavor without sinking any money into it beforehand! I absolutely believe it can be done, but for the majority of humans attempting to “get that bread,” getting started can be a bit difficult. When the idea to start this blog came to me, I had received a ton of signs that a career opportunity was on its way. This was going to be something that would help me find my true self. It would be soul-fulfilling, and would bring wealth spiritually and materially. I’ve had plenty of dreams and ideas about spiritual careers and businesses, but never really imagined they could become a reality. I definitely didn’t imagine it would be so soon! However, those dreams are quickly becoming a reality. Once I figured out that this blog could be the door that would lead me to that dream, I began working to unlock it.

There have already been so many lessons learned on this beautiful journey. My purpose for jumping into this has changed a bit since I began, and I’m sure it will continue to change. One thing I have realized is, while it will take money to make money, the material wealth isn’t my main goal. It started as a way to make money while also sharing my experience with spiritual development. I’m realizing now that a huge part of this blog is going to be helping others realize and pursue their own passions. I want this to be a tool for learning about spirituality, healing, and divination, while also sharing art that people have created, and a way to support other self-starters and small businesses. I truly believe if someone has a passion, they can make a life out of it. Sometimes the tools are not always available to the people who are ready to pursue their passions. I will do my best to help be that tool for the ones who need it. We all deserve to build a life based on what we love. It is possible to do what you love. Work from your heart, and you can make anything happen.

Thank you so much for reading this weeks Big Splash! There are going to be a few exciting changes at Divine Nature Blog coming with the new year. Thank you all for being so supportive. I can’t wait to see where this road leads to next!

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