Goals for 2020

The year 2020 is going to be a grand one. 2019 brought the tools and beginnings of transformation. Now, with the new year approaching quickly, it’s time to put those tools to use and let our inner light shine!

We are about to turn a whole decade, which is giving an increase to the already intense energy that comes with the new year. All the hype of “new year, new me” is amplified, and it is the perfect time to harness that energy and use it to better ourselves. Is there something you have always wanted to start or accomplish, but have found reasons not to? Or maybe a way you want to get organized in your life, but can’t seem to implement the change? Take the energy of the beginning of 2020 and use it! You really can do ANYTHING you set your mind to.

This is the last Monday before the new year kicks off, so I would like to share my top three goals for 2020! There are a ton of smaller goals that I have for the coming year, but they fit well into three main goals. I am excited to look back in a year and see what progress has been made. Not just my own progress, but the progress of everyone!


I have complained for years about gaining weight and feeling tired, and honestly I am sick of it. Not of being that way, but sick of my own complaining. The main components that I want to focus on in 2020 to help myself be healthier are: 1. Cut back on eating meat. 2. Be more active every day. 3. Set a routine. I have two young children, so I feel like the activity and routine goals should already be pretty good, right? Unfortunately I have been the queen of slacking. The routine I have with my daughters is totally backwards. Everything is going to be a bit easier and healthier with a few changes. It will take some work to get out of our old habits, but the changes are necessary. It’s time to get healthy!

Find My Blogging Sweetspot

Starting this blog has been such a huge step towards something amazing. I have so many long-term goals that will stem from this and I am so excited about all of them. It all starts here, though. I have big ideas for the blog itself, and December 2019 has been my trial period for how to run a blog. I am learning what people want to read, and what I enjoy writing. 2020 is going to bring the balance and clarity I need to continue making good, interesting content. If anyone has any suggestions about things they want to see or read here, let me know!

Be More Mindful in My Vocabulary

I will be making a full post about this goal soon, but since it is one of the larger goals I wanted to include it here. There are words used in every day conversation that have no positive meaning, which means they have no business being used. I want to try and be more aware of the words I use, especially around my children. Words like “dumb” and “hate” have no benefit, and I don’t believe they need to be used. There are other more productive words to use to express those opinions.

2020 is going to be an awesome year, and an incredible start to a whole new decade. Let’s embrace the changes we’ve always wanted to make. Take the leap into the unknown that we have always wanted to explore. LIVE YOUR DREAMS, BECAUSE YOU CAN!