Tarot Reading for 2020

Happy 2020, everybody! To kick off the new year, I wanted to do a general tarot reading to get a feeling for what the coming year has in store for us all. A few small disclaimers: I am not a fortune-teller. I cannot tell what the future holds, this is merely my interpretation of the cards that were pulled for this reading. Life is constantly moving, which means the energies can be influenced and affected at any time. I do not suggest using this as a guide for your life! It is more like a possibility of what this year could hold for us all. If you would like a more personalized reading, feel free to use this spread!

The following descriptions are my own interpretations for the general reading of each month of 2020. They might not be accurate for everybody! I do suggest trying a more personalized reading if you disagree with this interpretation. I hope 2020 brings loving, happy, healthy energies! Let’s dive in to see what we are looking forward to!

January- Ten of Wands
The ten of wands suggests a burdensome weight being carried. Since this card came up in the very first month, I believe it is symbolic of the things we have carried that will be released with the new year. January 2020 will be a time of realizing the things that no longer serve us and letting them go. Allow that weight to be lifted! Better things are coming our way.

February- Strength
If you find yourself approaching February still carrying those heavy burdens from before, this month will bring the tools to let them go! Strength is a Major Arcana card that holds the meaning of courage, persuasion, and inner strength. The energy of this month will give us the optimism and determination to tackle tasks on all levels. We must be careful not to act with rage or aggression. We can use our inner strength to be diplomatic in any disputes. We are strong enough to handle whatever life throws our way!

March- Six of Pentacles
March will be a month of financial flow! When the chance to be generous arises, do not question whether you have enough to give. Generosity always comes back to us. Share generously while having faith that the universe sees it and will return what you have given, amplified. If you are on the receiving end of the generosity of others, be grateful for what has been shared with you.

April- Five of Swords
April may bring some conflict. Be it personal, professional, or inner conflict, the lesson here is to choose your battles wisely. The five of swords may be an indication that the time has come to apologize for a fight that has already begun. If you find yourself starting arguments this month, take a step back and decide if it is really worth fighting over. Maybe a better option is agreeing to disagree.

May- Seven of Swords
This month could bring about more conflict. The seven of swords may signify a betrayal or lie of some kind. Be wary of traitors or false friends, but try to avoid becoming paranoid. This card could also mean that a decision made this month might make someone unhappy. You can’t please everyone all the time. If you have to tell someone “no” for your own sake, don’t feel bad about it!

June- Four of Pentacles
June will bring a focus on stability and finances. If you have a healthy financial situation continue to budget, save, and invest. Be careful not to hoard your accumulated wealth for fear of losing it. It is okay to live comfortably! Find your budgeting balance and make adjustments where necessary so you can enjoy the money you have earned. Alternatively, if you find yourself lacking financially in June, this card suggests developing a better budget/savings plan.

July- Justice
Justice will be brought in July. If you have been seeking justice for something, trust that it will be delivered fairly. If you have committed some act or crime deserving of justice, know that the appropriate hammer will be coming down. While that may sound scary, the Justice card brings some amount of understanding. If you find yourself facing the consequences of your actions, remember justice is often swift and you will have more opportunities to redeem yourself.

August- The Chariot
The Chariot represents a time of determination and success. If you have a goal and an idea of how to reach it, go for it! Be confident in your abilities and skills, and the energy of the Chariot will assist you this month in attaining success. In a literal sense, the Chariot can represent travel. This month can be a good one for moving, or taking a road trip or vacation. Enjoy!

September- Three of Wands
The three of wands in September may bring more travel! The energy of this card is expansion. Big ideas and plans that are already in action will have potential to become even bigger. Be cautious of the challenges that come with new opportunities, but don’t fear the risk! Great things present themselves with this card.

October- Ace of Wands
I am so happy to see an ace in this reading! The ace of wands brings a driving energy for new creative endeavors and new passions. If there is a path you have considered taking (career path, spiritual path, creative path) October energy is telling you to go for it! This is not a guarantee that everything will work out, but everything happens for a reason. Let the burst of creative energy fuel you!

November- Two of Pentacles
The energies of the previous cards are evident in November. The two of pentacles suggests a need for balance between all of the responsibilities we have taken on. If you have taken the opportunities that have been presented to you in the months prior, November will remind you to prioritize and balance your needs with all that hard work!

December- Reversed Six of Cups
The six of cups signifies nostalgia and old memories. Reversed, it may mean clinging to those old memories and forgetting about the present and future. My personal interpretation of this card is that 2020 is going to be such an amazing year, December is going to make us wonder how it went by so fast. We must be careful not to get lost in the memory of all that we accomplish. Reflection is great, but do not dwell on what has been. Be proud of the past, enjoy the present, and look forward to the future!

I believe 2020 is going to be an incredible year. It looks like a lot of creative passion and will to reach for our goals, and even some traveling! Whatever comes your way, know that Justice will always be found. There is a give and take with everything in life, so we cannot expect it to be one hundred percent peachy. That said, we can do our best to be positive, take chances, and be our happiest, healthiest selves this year! Here’s to a great first year of the new decade!

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