A Reaper

Happy short-story Saturday, every body! Let’s get a little spooky. This poem was written at a time when I felt eerily close to The Veil. It felt as though someone close to me was going to pass very soon. There were nightmares, haunting vibes, and just an all around bad feeling. The inspiration for the poem came from a nightmare/vision that John had. I won’t go into too much detail, but he mentioned seeing a black shadow communicating with me about taking someone. According to John, I told it “absolutely not!” During this time, there were quite a few scares involving people close to us. Always trust your intuition. If you get the sense that something is wrong, don’t hesitate to check on the ones you love. You just might save their life. ❤

A reaper walks behind me,though it is not me he wants.
His haunting presence beckons them to follow silent taunts.
He’s reaching for my loved ones, whispers darkness in their minds.
Sending signs of sorrows that we all will someday find.
He’s followed me forever, though the fear I feel is new.
Walking through the shadows, feeling the days becoming few.
I imagine light surrounding all my family and my friends.
Protecting and pretending we will never meet our end.
He says it’s coming soon for someone very close to me.
I meet his eyes and boldy whisper back to him: “we’ll see.”

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