A Sprouting Seed (Starting a Blog)

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If you read my post from a few weeks back, I had made a goal of following the flow of life and the universe. Those gentle waves have actually shaped this blog a lot. I had a lot of ideas in mind that have changed or disappeared completely. The website has gotten a pretty makeover, and during the upgrade the Splash of Happy was eliminated. I thought maybe I would just update it once a week, but I honestly don’t think the idea was working out. As things continue to take shape, ideas will unfold more magically than they started. Today is Monday, and normally I would make a Weekly Goal post. However, today I have been reflecting on how far this whole blog has come. I am absolutely going to take a moment to toot my own horn about this achievement, and to set some goals for the things yet to come.

As things continue to take shape, ideas will unfold more magically than they started.

In September, 2019, I kept getting a feeling that an opportunity to make money was coming my way. I was checking job listings and keeping my eyes open for whatever this mystery job could be. We had just had our youngest daughter, so the idea of working so soon scared me a bit. I held my faith in the universe and trusted that the job was not meant to be something that made me uncomfortable. It was going to unlock many doors and help me discover my life purpose, I just knew it. I waited patiently for whatever it was to make itself known. In October, I was checking my horoscope on a phone app. It confirmed that all of the feelings I was having were about to become much more clear!

Don’t mind my awful scribbles. Screenshot from Daily Horoscope app.

Even my horoscope was telling me a job would be presenting itself! My tarot cards kept referring to some kind of opportunity for work, and I was seeing a ton of numbers that referred to starting a spiritual career. (Notice the screenshot was taken at 3:33am? 3s are alignment with the ascended masters!) What on earth could this career be, and how could I do it from home? It hit me when I was browsing for remote jobs. Months previously I had seen something on pinterest about a mom who made insane money from blogging. I scrolled right past it because, come on, who even reads blogs. Just the word blog seemed like such a stay-at-home-mom cliche. Things clicked this time, though. I swallowed whatever biased misconception I had about blogging and dove into research.

From October to December I found so much information about blogging and the internet. I learned about building and promoting a website, the proper times to upload posts on social media, how to avoid being sued, and so, so much more. I compared hosting platforms and software. I learned that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a thing, and my lack of SEO knowledge was part of the reason I couldn’t seem to sell anything on Etsy. Oh, and a HUGE knowledge bomb? Most websites are blogs. I always assumed “.com” or “.org.” made a website more official. Nope. Their citations and references are what make their information good, not their web address! I am off on a bit of a tangent, I digress. Blogging is so much more work than I ever realized, but it is also incredibly rewarding! I have been able to write about things that I am so passionate about. Not everyone is interested in spirituality, but every single one of us has room for growth, improvement, and development. I love being able to highlight the connection of the two and give insight and inspiration to anyone seeking it. Here is a quick list of how far the blog, and myself, have come.

  • Decided to start a blog on October
  • Knowledge Phase ensues (research!)
  • Reach full capacity in my brain for blog information
  • Set goal to have 10 posts written by November 20th
  • 20th comes, 10 posts written, still concerned about content
  • Wonder how to monetize the content I am passionate about
  • Create a wordpress.com account
  • Build website, play with available tools on the free version
  • Start social media accounts for the website
  • Publish first post on December 4th
  • Set goal to upgrade to WordPress Premium and own my domain name
  • Have 10 posts uploaded (new ones, not the original 10!)
  • Upgrade to Premium on January 3rd
  • Change website theme, makeover time!
  • Apply for Affiliate Programs

I published my first post on December 4th. I wasn’t ready, but I knew if I kept making excuses to wait that things would never take off. I had to take the leap. In December, this website had 207 views. I don’t know exact numbers from other beginners, but I could not be happier with that number. Today is January 6th and we already have 71 views. I have grown so much since deciding to start this blog. I have realized goals and ideas that were hiding inside myself, and this is the perfect way to implement all of them. The next step is applying for affiliate programs, because they are the ticket to a successful money-making blog. If anyone reading this is considering starting a blog, do it! It can really be anything you want it to be, and you can make money doing it! I suggest starting with wordpress.com because it is simple to use and they have a free version. Note: you can use affiliate links with the free version! I didn’t know that until I was already close to upgrading. Amazon.com has a great affiliate program for beginners! The key is to believe in what you are promoting, which isn’t hard to do when you believe in your content and in yourself. I am so excited to see what the universe has in store, and I hope anyone reading this who has considered starting a blog takes this as a sign to go for it!

Thank you so much for everyone who has read and supported this blog so far. Big shout-out to my parents for investing in me. Without that, I wouldn’t have been able to upgrade just yet! I have big goals for what is to come, but I have to remain patient. Your love and support mean so much, and I appreciate every bit of it!