Countering Shadow Energy (Raising Vibrations)

We communicate through energy. Every thing, every being, every dimension is made up of energy that is used to express deep thoughts and feelings . The energy of higher dimensional beings vibrates much higher than most of us understand. That is why coming in to contact with an Angelic being can fill us with feelings of love and joy. Energy is contagious and the energy we choose to feed can have a heavy impact not only on ourselves, but on the whole world. Think of it this way… if there are one hundred people in a room, and seventy of them are inwardly and outwardly positive, the energy they project will collectively be a “good” energy. Those positive vibrations all together are enough to raise the energy of the other thirty people, and the room and the people in it will have a brighter, cleaner, happier energy.

On a larger scale, the energy of the world is deeply affected by each of us individually. The energy we give off attracts similar energy, and the things we focus on and the way we act produce the energy that we feed to the earth and its people. The entire world could feel as clean and bright as that room filled with high vibrations if we all choose to heal and work on creating a positive atmosphere.

We can all start small in order to make this world a peaceful, loving place. Here are a few ways we can work to raise our vibrations and the collective energy of the world.

  • Practice mindfulness every day
  • Speak kindly to ourselves and those around us
  • Watch less television
  • Eat clean and drink plenty of water
  • Connect often with nature
  • Love deeply and genuinely

When we practice these healthy habits consistently, the effects can be felt on an energetic level, sometimes before we even notice it ourselves. One that I definitely need to work on is watching less television. All of the subtle messages and harsh tones that are displayed in television shows are energetic contagions. A big example I like to use is horror movies. When watching a horror film, the heart rate increases and adrenaline kicks in. We feel like we are experiencing the situations in the movie. For the two hours that we fed into fear and panic of that horror film, we could have been outside connecting with nature, or working on a hobby that fed a more positive energy to us and the world. I am not saying to cut out things like tv and movies completely (although if you do, good for you!) but being more aware of what we are watching and the energetic effects of it is enough to help a little bit.

There is a delicate balance to achieve when we are working to counteract the collective shadow energy of the world. We must be aware of where we are working from inside ourselves. If we are trying to fight fear from fear, chances are likely that we will be feeding the fear we were trying to combat. When we allow our minds to be still and listen to our hearts, they will lead us to true and genuine peace and love. That love is what we must use to heal and transform the shadow energy that exists already. We all have a well of inner peace inside of us. We can all work to find it and use it to nourish and prorect the peace of the entire world.

Shout-out to Nique, who inspired me to write this post. She is always working from her heart to help heal this world, and I strive to match that vibe and continue ascending!