Echoes Through Time

A slate that never once was blank,

Will capture moments still,

Upon the branch and solid plank,

The volumes start to fill.

The rafters creak and sway and moan,

Reciting tales from past,

A joyous tragic palindrome,

Forward looking back.

A creek whose waters mirror youth,

Though still with placid calm,

Hold within them many truths,

That rage within my palm.

And as their life seeped from my lips,

I thought I heard the cries,

Of men to battle, soon eclipsed,

When cannons fire dies.

The weeping willows whisper woes,

So gently on the wind,

A faded love, and wilted rose,

Not soon to rise again.

Then marks eternal, etched in flesh,

Another pledge of trust,

Two souls that bloom and start to mesh,

A promise born of lust.

The voice of Mother Earth will chyme,

In all a secret tale,

Echoes, echoes, throughout time,

A glimpse beyond the veil.

Written by my incredibly talented sister-in-law Tricia Mulvey. She has a sizeable portfolio full of poems covering a plethora of topics, and she still finds inspiration to write more! Let us know if you’d like to read more from Tricia by leaving a comment, or emailing Thank you for reading!

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