What Comes Next? SUCCESS!

A while back I had a vision. I was in this huge building. There was a ton of white and green decor, and huge windows to let in natural light. I walked in and began climbing this beautiful white marble staircase. It seemed like I had been here before because I knew where I was going, but I was also in complete awe of this amazing place. I walked through a big hallway stopped in front of a door and knocked on it. A woman opened it and told me to come in and sit. It was an office with deep red walls, a big desk and wooden bookshelves behind it. The entire outside wall was a window, making an otherwise dark room very bright and inviting. The woman sat across from me at her desk. She had an incredible energy, like a business woman who knew exactly what she wanted, but also very friendly. I stared at her for a moment, trying to understand what I was seeing. She had red hair pulled back in a fun ponytail, and was dressed relatively comfortably for someone in a business setting. I knew she was very important, and played a huge role in this building. She spoke to me, and I realized who she was. She.. was me. She told me we didn’t have much time to talk, and laughed at how bizarre this meeting was. She continued speaking, and then she told me I had to leave and walked me to the door. I left that beautiful, clean building and opened my eyes from the vision.

I don’t remember exactly what she told me, but I did retain something from this vision. I knew I wanted to be that version of myself. I am determined to become that passionate, energetic, happy businesswoman that met with me in that vision. I believe my higher self arranged the meeting to show me what I can be if I find and follow my path. Now I had so many questions. What kind of business was she running? How does it relate to my passions? How can I possibly link spirituality and business? Today, I want to share my plan with you guys. I have BIG dreams here, and I have never been more sure that I am on the right path. The following paragraphs are the big steps I have planned to make these dreams come true, and the very last paragraph is the purpose for this mission.

The Blog

It all starts with this blog. This is the platform to raise awareness about the mission and bring in like-minded individuals to help. It is also the little push to help awaken the realization in others for their own passions and goals. We are taking small, slow steps towards a peaceful world. It is time to start working for your passions and goals! Thank you all so much for reading and being supportive here in this beginning stage. I am learning new things every day, and as biased as I was about blogging, I am so happy about this. It has really become a daily challenge that is so rewarding, and I couldn’t be happier with the constant progress that I am experiencing!

The Merchandise

I have some giant ideas for things to sell online. Since the blog is up and running, the next step is to make and sell products and offer services once the resources are available. I am extremely excited about that next step, but I need to remain patient. There are things I still need to learn, and skills that need to be honed before I can jump in to all of that. I am also certain there is a team of fantastic people who are going to be assisting me by offering their own services and original products. The beginning stages are in motion, reaching out to those people and keeping my heart and mind open for others who would life to be involved. BONUS! I have a few ideas for tarot decks that I want to design. One idea has been the main focus to start with, and I am very excited to really get that ball rolling!

The Physical Store

Online sales are amazing because you can reach people who may not have access to an actual store. That’s all fine and dandy, but I do want to open at least one real-life shop. The dream is to have a few, but I can’t get too far ahead of myself. If this is all going to be a reality, I need to be patient and not allow it to become just another daydream. The perk of having a store is that people can come in and get a feel for what they are drawn to. It is also a great opportunity to really get to know those supporters and find out what inspires them. I am also excited to have the opportunity to hold charity events and fundraisers for different causes!

The Grand Opening

All of these small steps are leading to a very big one. This monster goal is going to take plenty of time, work, resources, and passion and I am so ready. After we have some stores open and running and have been working to spread the love and light, the next step is opening a spiritual resort. I don’t have the full picture yet, but I want it to be a place where people can go to find themselves and hone their abilities. It will be a place of love, healing, and enlightenment. People can come on their own to find inner peace and get a sense of zen. They can bring groups for meetings, retreats, or charity events. We can hold large holistic events and festivals. It will be a meeting place for souls looking to raise their vibrations and help themselves and the world be a peaceful place. I typed that at 4:44pm. The angels are supportive!

The Mission

I am really fighting my ego right now, because part of me is concerned about sharing these ideas and having them “stolen.” What would be so bad about that? Why would another person opening a place for people to heal, and grow, and ascend, be a bad thing? The more we accept and embrace peace and healing, the brighter this world will be. That is the true goal here. I am not here to monopolize anything. Honestly, money isn’t the main goal at all. I am hoping to make a living doing this, but what really gets me excited about this whole thing is helping other people discover their passions and purpose. I want to live generously and share the wealth and abundance with people who are serious about investing in their futures. I want to be charitable and generous with the abundance I am blessed with. It all starts here, at step one, with this blog. It all starts with us.

Note: If you are interested in making a contribution towards making these dreams a reality, the blog now features a Paypal simple payments button (located at the bottom of every page, above the “Follow Us” buttons!) for tips. Every penny is greatly appreciated and will be put towards the next steps in this mission. If you enjoy the content here and are looking forward to the products and services that are in the works, please consider making a small donation.

Thank you all so much for reading and supporting! I am working every day to keep my own dreams alive and to ignite the spark in others. I appreciate you all joining me on this journey!