Dream Symbols for Wealth and Success

Last night I had a dream that had beautiful symbolism. Many of you know I have always been fascinated with dreams and their meanings. I have been studying and interpreting dreams for most of my life, and am constantly intrigued by the way the symbols connect to events or emotions in the life of the dreamer. I woke up feeling great and wanted to dig into what the symbols in my dream meant, so I did a little research. They all represented success, wealth, and abundance! While these symbols may also have other meanings, for the purpose of this post I will only be including the ways they can represent wealth and success. (This post contains affiliate links.)


Dreaming of keys is a clear symbol for removing obstacles (either psychological or material) that are keeping you from making progress. Take note of the other details in the dream as they can help you determine what obstacles are being referred to. Think of a locked door as the thing keeping you from accomplishing something. That dream key means the answer is coming, so pay attention in waking life, too! The Hidden Meaning of Dreams says finding a key in a dream is a sign of good fortune. Finding many keys can fortell prosperous business deals!


Eagles were a huge part of the dream I had last night. There were about thirty eagles all scattered around one tree. Many were perched on the tree branches, some were on the ground. Then there was one eagle flying near to the tree in a figure-eight formation. I was captivated by these giant raptors, specifically the flying one. Eagles often represent ambitions and desires, as well as independence. Seeing eagles in a dream, especially if they are flying, also symbolize prosperity and success. According to The Hidden Meaning of Dreams by Craig Hamilton-Parker, “superstition says that to dream of an eagle is an omen for fame and fortune.”

The Number Eight

Eight in numerology signifies luck and good fortune, as well as new beginnings. Having eight in your personal numerology chart represents skills in business and management. If you turn number eight on its side, it is the symbol for infinity. When you see eight in a dream, keep all of these factors in mind, as well as the other details in order to figure out what it is telling you. For example, in my dream the eagle was flying in a figure-eight formation. I believe the flying eagle combined with number eight signifies good luck in financial and business endeavors, which I am very excited about! This sign is amplified because my life path number is 8. Note: click here to find your personal numerology chart at psychiclibrary.com!


Rabbits may not sound like they would symbolize success and wealth, but they are a great one to see in terms of prosperous symbology! People often refer to rabbits ability to multiply quickly, so the dreaming mind can take that and uses it to communicate in terms of money. To dream of a rabbit running can denote a change in enviroment or financial status. Seeing rabbits in cages or hutches can mean the fortune will be lessened than if they are running free.


Champagne in dreams is a symbol of celebration and achievement. It can represent feeling good about an endeavor, or having accomplished something you are proud of. There are some conflicting notes about champagne. Some say seeing and drinking champagne in a dream signifies money and luxuries. Others say it can be a warning about spending excessively. Most of them agree that drinking champagne with a lover or at a wedding symbolize good fortune in matters of the heart.


Different situations in dreams can be representative of success. 1000 Dreams by David Fontana is beautiful and in-depth dream guide. He suggests dreams of doing something like jumping over hurdles can not only indicate achieving success, but also indicate having the confidence to attempt the task. Winning some kind of race in a dream has a similar meaning. The dreaming mind is prompting the dreamer to act with confidence to achieve success and be recognized for their abilities and potential. Take note of coming in second or third in a race, as this can mean the challenges have been underestimated.

Have you had any of these symbols appear in your dreams? Let us know by leaving a comment, or emailing us at divinenatureblog@gmail.com! Thank you so much for reading!

The links to the dream guides referenced can be found clicking the titles in the post, and down in this section. I highly recommend both books. The Hidden Meaning of Dreams has fantastic visual art work, and offers the psychological interpretations as well as the ancient mystical meanings. 1000 Dreams has the meaning of different symbols and works as a guide offering the function of dreams, different types of dreams, and stunning imagery. You can also find The Element Encyclopedia of 20,000 Dreams by Theresa Cheung clicking the title, or clicking here. That one is my go-to guide, my trusty big book of dreams, so I will always recommend that one as well.