Finding Balance

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Happy New Moon in Aquarius, everybody! All day long I have had one thing in mind, one specific intention that I am setting and implementing from here on out. I am committed to finding my balance. Be prepared, things may get a bit shadowy here. It is a New Moon after all, hidden in the shadows. The next few weeks as the moon becomes brighter, so will I!

My big focus right now is finding a balance on all levels. I think the best way to explain my intentions here are to go through each area that needs balance and explain what needs to happen to bring everything into alignment. If any of these resonate, perhaps it is worth taking a look at what could use some balance in your life. 😊

Family/Career Balance

I have had a tremendously difficult time trying to balance this new blog and all the ideas that come with it with family time. I have two young daughters, and my oldest daughter is a very active and imaginative person. On more than one occasion I have had to stop myself from getting frustrated with her for wanting to play while I am trying to work. I have to take a deep breath and step into her tiny shoes for a moment. While she is very mature for her age, she is still little and even though I am trying to get work done, she is doing the exact same thing. Her job is to play, learn, and grow. My career path right now is blogging/entrepreneurial business, but my job is and always will be motherhood. There may not be a solid job description for momming, but if there was I think the first duty would be “Help your children play, learn, and grow!” I am finding my balance between career building and being a mom. The next big area of focus is going to help a LOT once I really begin working on it.

Sleep Schedule Balance

This is a big one. A HUGE one. This is something I have been struggling to balance since I graduated high school. I have always been a night owl, but once I was in charge of my own schedule I really let it fall to the wayside. I was able to survive and thrive on just a few hours of sleep. I had a job, but set my schedule for mostly evening shifts so I could sleep late into the afternoon after being awake all night. Once we had Charlotte, I had been deep in the habit of the up all night/sleep all day schedule. Naturally, she fell into the same habit and is now quite the night owl herself! When she was a baby and even into toddlerhood, it wasn’t so bad. However, we also have Dahlia now and I would love to get them -and myself!- into a regular sleep routine. Once I work on that, I feel like a lot of other things energetically will fall into alignment. **Edited to add: the same day I wrote this post, John surprised me with a Keurig K-duo coffee maker! I had always said the only way I would get a Keurig is if I found one that has the option for the K-cups or a full pot. It’s real! They have it! I am officially drinking my first cup of coffee from it now and it is fantastic. Plus it is easy to use! You can check it out for yourself here.


I’ll just come out and say it: I am always thinking about money. I try to avoid a lacking mindset, because I know in my heart and soul that worrying about finances has the opposite affect. It is always on my mind though, in one way or another. I am a Capricorn, and if you follow or believe in astrological signs, Capricorns are Earth elements. We are often career driven and materially focused. Before starting this blog, I was always thinking of things to sell, businesses to start, and ways to bring in the dollars. I am learning that the blend of my Capricorn nature and my life path number (8) have blessed me with a mind for business. I am currently finding the best way to put it to work in a way that keeps me focused and growing spiritually as well. I have to keep reminding myself that I am not on this path for the money. This is a heart-based venture to help inspire the people, enlighten the mind, and ignite their passions. I have been reassured through signs and visions that there is money coming this way. I have to be patient and continue putting in the work while keeping in mind the true reasons for this mission.


Dreams of Gaia tarot deck by Ravyn Phelan

This is actually a tarot card that I pull often from the Dreams of Gaia tarot deck. It is the eleven of air (swords in a traditional deck) and is a balance card, as are the 11s of the other elements. The mind/body balance is another one that I have talked about working on for a long time, and have yet to actually put in the work to make the changes. I have unhealthy habits on both sides of this. What do I feed my mind? I fall asleep to mindless television every night. I have journals that I think about using and never actually use. I am causing blockages in my own mental energy by not working on forming better habits for myself. What do I feed my body? My body craves exercise. I make plenty of unhealthy choices as far as diet goes, and I don’t do nearly enough physical exercise to counter those bad choices. This post is not a “poor me, I am unhealthy” post. This is about me acknowledging those unhealthy habits and holding myself accountable for finally fixing them! It is time to work on being a healthier me. The big goal is to feel better, but if I had to put a number on it, I want to lose 30 pounds by June. There, I said it. IT’S REAL. It is HAPPENING. New Moon energy is helping these intentions become a reality.

Starting February 1st, a group that I have been working with is starting a month long cleanse that I believe is going to help me find balance in all of these areas. The very first week is going to be a smoothie cleanse, and each day will focus on a different Chakra. If anybody wants to follow along, I am going to try and post every day that week with recipes, feelings and progress!

Thank you for reading! I am excited to start feeling better, and if you found yourself saying “yeah, me too!” to any of this, maybe this will help you find some balance as well! If you want to start working on something but aren’t sure how, feel free to message me! We can work on it and find the balance together. P.s. you can find a link to the Dreams of Gaia Tarot HERE!