Today has been bursting with revelation! I have been delving into the plans for the future and discussing said plans with some of my best friends. Things are solidifying and becoming more and more real, and I have never been more excited! I want to share these little epiphanies with you all. First and foremost, I pulled a few tarot cards from my Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore. I asked if we are on the right track with the ideas that just came to the front of our minds, and these are the three cards that came up.

Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore, illustrated by Aly Fell

The Knight of Cups is passionate, emotionally intuitive, and romantic. She is a dreamer, and clearly enjoys her time on lifes journeys. I think she represents myself and the great people working with me, and the attitude necessary to continue down this path. We must be open to intuition and emotion and remain excited about all of these endeavors! Knights are bold, action-oriented, and swift. They move through life with their mission in mind, eyes on the prize. However, we need to remain aware that other people and situations are happening all around us. We do not have to interrupt everyones lives with our own ambitious whirlwind. After all, some people are doing just fine walking their paths at their own pace.

The Star is our guiding light. She illuminates our path as we travel it, and shines on these epiphanies as we realize them. She helps us hold faith in each step of this journey and if ever there is doubt, she will help replenish the hope and excitement that is always inside of us.

The Wheel of Fortune in the case of this reading is a very good sign. It often just means a change in fortune is coming, good or bad. We have been working hard to change our career and financial situation, and we are finally beginning to catch up. I have been receiving such intense signs that a windfall is coming soon financially. March has been the month I have been focused on. Maybe because it is spring time? Whatever the reason, I feel like March is going to be a turning point materially. Things are going to begin flowing as they are meant to. When they do, the next steps for this career mission will be in motion. The Wheel is turning, and it is gaining momentum!

The Revelation

My friend Heather messaged me with an amazing realization. A few years back she went with a group of people to have a reading by psychic medium Michael Gourley. She had forgotten some details of the reading, but today a friend who was in the group reminded her of some important information. He had mentioned that she would open her own business with someone who has a blog. Hello, here I am! Even before actually launching this blog, I have felt that others are meant to be involved. It feels so strange to call it my blog. If anyone is ever confused if I use words like “us” or “we” that is the reason. Even when I have received praise for this blossoming website, it feels strange because I know I am meant to share the accolades!

Ace of Pentacles from the Steampunk Tarot. Described as a seed that brings material potential and a divine spark.

My take away from all of this is that this blog isn’t meant to be quite what I have tried to make it so far. It is still meant to be about spiritual growth and personal development, but I think it is a bit more than that. I always feel a little silly posting about my personal goals. It almost seems like a diary that way, which was never what I intended. I think there is a reason for it though. I am here, writing about the future once again because this blog serves as a continuing mission statement. I have recently wondered what happens to it when the focus shifts to the bigger goals, and today I realized that it keeps going. Along with spiritual growth, this blog is meant to show you all the steps of this journey. If I can inspire even one person to go after their wildest dreams, then my job is working. I am planting these seeds because if you aren’t inspired now, you will be as time progresses. A few months ago, my life was chaotic. We were in the middle of so many changes and didn’t quite have the resources to maintain a solid foundation. However, as I mentioned in The Wheel of Fortune interpretation, things are starting to balance out. We are receiving the resources necessary to move forward with these plans.

I started this blog when we were at rock bottom, and now I realize that I am meant to share this journey with all of you. As we climb our way to the top, we will be planting seeds of inspiration. I hope to be a guiding light for you, just like The Star. I hope that as you sprout and blossom, if you want to join this journey with us, you jump into this bouquet. We can all achieve our dreams, if we dare to dream them!

Links to the Steampunk Tarot can be found by clicking any of the mentions of it throughout the post, including the card names. You can also find it by clicking HERE! I love this deck because the artwork is gorgeous and full of symbolism. It is a traditional deck with a bit of a twist when it comes to the court cards. The guidebook by Barbara Moore is fantastic. Even if you do not use it to interpret the cards, it is a good read, and very funny! Thank you all for reading. I look forward to sharing every step of this climb with everyone. All the love to all of you! 💞