30 Day Cleanse- Day 1, Root Chakra

Today was the kickoff to the 30 day cleanse that I am taking part in. Each day has a corresponding chakra, starting with the root chakra and moving up. I have been incredibly excited to share the entire experience with all of you, and I still am! However, I didn’t account for one giant detail: Any kind of healing usually starts with digging up and confronting the issues that already exist.

Since waking up this morning, things have gone totally differently than I planned. I woke up late. I realized I forgot to buy most of the groceries necessary for the meals I had planned. Things have just felt off all day long, and I think I know why. Todays focus is the root chakra, which governs our stability, basic needs, and grounding. When your root chakra is blocked or unbalanced the symptoms can appear as worry, anxiety, depression, emotional disconnect, and aggression or rage. Unfortunately I have dealt with more than one of these symptoms today, which caught me off guard. I was anticipating immediate results which is so silly. Progress takes time, it takes work. Healing is not an overnight process. Looking forward to something positive isn’t enough to give the full effect of the positivity. Lesson noted, Universe! These 30 days are not going to be one overnight success after another. I am still so excited for the experience, and now I am looking forward to learning the weak points of each chakra so I know exactly what needs to be healed.

Today hasn’t been all bad! I started the day with an awesome root chakra yoga sequence, and I am going to do more yoga in a little bit. After the girls go to bed I am going to end the evening with a root chakra meditation. Healthy habits are being set in motion during these 30 days. I am going to come out of it lighter, brighter, and more balanced. First, though, the broken parts need to be found so they can fixed.

Thank you for reading! This one really does feel like a diary page, but I want to share the progress with you all. This is the beginning! All the love to all of you! ❤❤❤