Number 8- Manifestation and Reward

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Day four of this 30 day cleanse was a wild one! I know I haven’t kept up with updates, but these first few days have been full of uncovered emotions and neglected wounds. Day four was focused on the heart chakra, and also happened to be Charlottes golden birthday! We had a blast doing fun birthday activities, but I was feeling extra sensitive. I experienced a lot of the symptoms associated with a blocked heart chakra, and then felt extra guilty because I wanted to be in a good mood for her special day.

I want to share with you all the wild synchronicities that occured on day four of the cleanse and the feelings that arrived with them. (4:44 as I am writing this!) We went to an indoor park for Charlotte, and we were all pretty hungry when she finished playing. We asked her where she wanted to go for her birthday dinner and she picked Chinese food. She has wonderful memories of my mom (her Grammy) taking her to a Chinese buffet, so it is one of her favorites! John knew of one that was a bit of a drive, but it was close to a store we wanted to stop in (this is important!) When we left the indoor park I was in quite a mood. I was feeling a little bit sad, and also a bit angry. I couldn’t really pinpoint any reason specifically, so I chalked it up to the focus being on the heart chakra. I told myself that my energy was expelling negativity that had been stored and I just needed to ride it out. A few minutes into the drive to the buffet, I saw two different licence plates with 888s on them, both within the same thirty seconds. My mood was improving the closer we got to the restaurant. I was filled with this sense of calmness and peace, which was so nice compared to what I was feeling prior to the drive. We got to the buffet and it was very nice. The staff was friendly, it was clean, and the food was great. It felt like we were supposed to end up there, like the vibrational frequencies were totally synced and everything was divinely aligned. When our fortune cookies came, John and I both had “8” as a lucky number on our fortunes. I always glance at receipts to see if anything stands out, and the last three digits of the phone number were 888! At this point I was feeling fantastic, like great abundance was uncovering itself in our lives as we continued on our adventure.

We left the restaurant and headed to the store. These next few events happened rather quickly, but I am so certain they happened as part of this divine alignment we were in sync with. As we were getting out of the car, John dropped his phone. The screen cracked and the display was all jumpy. It looked like a rave was happening underneath the glass, which is great for a rave but a terrible sign for the screen. My heart sank as I thought the rest of our night was thrown out the window. I asked him if we needed to go to a Sprint store and prepared myself to use my GPS to find one. John thought for a minute and then gestured to the store neighboring the one we were originally going to. Right next to this store that we had been to plenty of times was a Sprint store neither of us had ever noticed! How long had it been there? How convenient that he dropped his phone so close to a store! We went in and waited for a salesman to help us. This guy gave us awesome service, and let us know that we were both eligible for upgrades! (Fun Fact: every year that I have known John, his phone ends up breaking right as he is due for an upgrade. He has dropped a wrench on the screen, run over it with the car after dropping it unknowingly, and now he dropped it screen first onto the pavement. It is always an aggressive reminder from the universe that it is time for a new phone.) I usually get Johns old phone when he upgrades, so both of us being eligible is very exciting. The salesman really hooked us up. We were each able to get a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, a new Otterbox Defender case, and a Key liquid glass screen protector. The total before the discounts was over $1200, which was more than we have available in our budget for something like new phones. After the awesome sales guy worked some kind of magic, we paid less than $100 for everything! I am completely certain that we ended up there on order to reap those rewards. If he hadn’t dropped his phone right next to that Sprint store, I don’t know if we would have received such a great deal.

There is one more fun detail from that evening that I want to share. After we finished up in the Sprint store, we decided to go into the store we originally planned to go to. This store sells comic books, movies, games, and metaphysical tools and books. A wonderful friend of ours gave me a book of Angels, Spirit Guides, & Goddesses for Christmas, and it is one of my absolute favorite books to use. I have a few methods that I use to find Spirit/Angel messages for people who may need them, as well as for myself. One of my favorite methods is flipping randomly to a page and seeing what messages it holds. This is known as bibliomancy, a form of divination that is often used with the Bible. While I was browsing the spiritual books, I saw a book on numerology with a cover that was designed similarly to my Angel book. I picked up The Ultimate Guide to Numerology and opened it up to a random page. It was NUMBER 8! It was a description of people who have the life path number 8 and explained that they are born for success and leadership. Obviously it was strange because of how much number 8 had come up all day, but it was doubly interesting because my life path number is 8! Sorry the following pictures aren’t great quality. I was trying to snap them fast because Charlotte was getting antsy!

Ultimate Guide to Numerology
Ultimate Guide to Numerology

The universe and my guides and angels gave me a lot of signs and feelings to work with yesterday. They sent me 8s to keep me on track, and they helped me stay calm through my heart chakra opening and beginning to heal. I am so grateful for all of the assistance received through these divine connections, and I am certain that we were rewarded yesterday for following the guidance and intuition. We are five days in to February and the transformation taking place this month is huge. I am already feeling incredibly aligned and connected, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of this month has in store.

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