Connecting With Archangel Azrael

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In recent months, I have been working on strengthening psychic abilities and my connection with the angels and spirit guides. I have noticed a huge increase in angelic communication as well as rapid growth in telepathy and clairvoyant messages. I want to share one of my most recent experiences that involved both clairvoyant messages and an Archangel visit. As these abilities become stronger, I am opening up more to them and learning to trust them. It is all still in the budding stage, but I am so happy to be able to share these experiences with all of you. This particular one may be a bit touchy for some, as it does involve the recent death of a coworker of Johns. I won’t be disclosing much about the passing in particular, only how it was linked to this message.

A few weeks ago, a girl John knew from work passed away. He called me to tell me as soon as he found out, and although I didn’t know her I felt somehow that she was okay. I assured him that she was closer to God than she ever had been before and asked that he try to remain positive while comforting his grieving friends. I had never met her, but for the next few days I did wonder how her spirit was doing and hoped that she was okay. One evening I was doing laundry and as I was grabbing Johns clothes from the dryer, I heard this very loud, intense ringing in my right ear. I closed my eyes to tune in and was met with quite a few messages:

  • I saw a cactus in my minds eye.
  • I heard the words stab, sesame, pain, and sharp in my head.
  • I heard the name of the girl who had passed, and very clearly saw a pair of large black wings.

I understood how the cactus could have something to do with stab, pain, and sharp, but I had no idea what to think of the word sesame. I became worried that the word descriptions had something to do with the girl, but I tried to remain positive. My logical mind began playing tricks during the vision. It didn’t feel ominous or malevolent, but fearing the chance that it could be something negative, I snapped myself out of it. I put it all to the back of my mind until John called me on his way home from work. Apparently he went to lunch with a friend earlier that day and had pricked his finger on a cactus! It still didn’t explain the black wing vision, but later that evening I did get an explanation for the word sesame. Around the same time that I received all of the messages, my friend Heather was talking to her significant other about sesame seeds on sushi! I am not sure why I received those specific messages from different sources, but I was (and still am!) very excited about the experience!

As thrilled as I was to receive those clear messages, I kept wondering what the message was about that girl and those black wings. I continued to worry that it was a bad sign, but in my heart, it didn’t feel negative. I haven’t thought much about it until yesterday as I was flipping through my Angels, Spirit Guides & Goddesses book. I opened up to Archangel Azrael, and after gazing at the artists depiction of him I pieced the puzzle together. The very first bullet point of his Archangel duties says “Move smoothly through the process of death and dying.” I believe he was giving me a glimpse of his guidance of her soul as she made the journey through the Veil!

Depiction of Archangel Azrael by Audra Auclair for the book Angels, Spirit Guides & Goddesses

I felt immediately relieved and also very excited to share the news with John! I told him over the phone what I had discovered, and he said it was a relief to think it was a very positive thing that I had peeked in on. I am so grateful to Archangel Azrael for giving me a sign that she is safe on the other side. I wish I had stuck through the vision to receive any other messages he may have wanted to share, but I know as time goes on and these connections grow stronger I will be able to understand them without fear and confusion. I am still working every day on differentiating between my intuition and my logical mind. Every time I pull out my Dreams of Gaia tarot cards to ask certain questions I end up pulling the Intuition card because the answer is inside myself. It is quite an interesting adventure learning these abilities, but it really helps life move much more smoothly. If you want less stress, less worry, and less confusion, TRUST YOUR INTUITION!

Thank you for reading about my short meeting with Archangel Azrael. If you are grieving a loved one or need assistance hearing messages from your spirit, call on Archangel Azrael for help by holding a piece of amethyst or lighting a white candle and asking for his guidance. He can also assist in removing spiritual blocks. All of this information was found in the book Angels, Spirit Guided & Goddesses, which you can find by clicking HERE.