Cocoon Phase

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I started this blog as a Caterpillar. I had a mission in mind, a whole business model to lead me forward and change the world. That is still the goal, but as my Caterpillar self has grown the details have changed a bit. I found that some leaves are not as sweet as I imagined. I discovered the challenge of climbing some trees only hurts my legs. I set out to cross many strange roads and found fear of being run over by the cars passing over me. I am not the first caterpillar to dream, and I will not be the last. The growth I have experienced in the last few months is more than I ever expected, and it has helped me in ways I didn’t even know I needed. Major perception checks are taking place. It is like my life as a Caterpillar has lead me to this very moment. All of the learning and growing thus far was to help me prepare for this major transformation.

It is like I am both inside my body and watching it from above. I see exactly where I am on this path as the ideas form and unfold. I see old ideas being dissolved and new ones growing in their place. I have wondered why it feels like I am currently unmoving, but I understand now. I am no longer a Caterpillar. I have built my cocoon on a small branch in a busy park. People strolling through may not see the progress, but inside the chrysalis there is rebirth occuring. I can both see and feel the changes. These legs that carried me everywhere at the beginning are reforming, and I am growing wings to carry me the rest of the way. I am at the cocoon phase of this metamorphosis. It is slow and beautiful, and I could not be happier about it. To any onlooker, it may seem like any other day. Things don’t appear to be changing at all. This transformation is internal, unwitnessed by the eyes of passersby until I am ready to break free.

I asked my cards what I need to focus on before the next step can be taken and I pulled the healing card. I haven’t implemented as many changes as I expected to this month and it is being reflected in my progress, or lack there of. I also pulled the body/mind card. My diet needs it’s own cocoon, because there is a huge transformation necessary there. There are blockages that will dissolve in that cocoon once I can fully commit to being a healthier me. A few days ago I was becoming very discouraged about my lack of commitment to the chakra cleanse, and disappointed in myself for not keeping up enough to even share with all of you. The television was on in the background as I was wallowing in my own disappointment, and my ears tuned in just in time for a very encouraging message. “You can change! You’re a butterfly, I believe in you!” It all hit me at once, and I realized I have been telling myself that change is always gradual, we can’t expect it over night, blahblahblah. What I didn’t realize is that I was making excuses for myself to continue doing the same old things. Sometimes when the time is right and we are ready for the change, it can happen faster than we even thought possible. I thought I was ready before, but I was still consuming everything as a Caterpillar does. It really is time to allow the changes to take place and do what is necessary to fulfill them. It may look like nothing to everyone else, but they aren’t experiencing my metamorphosis. I am!

From Dreams of Gaia Tarot by Ravyn Phelan

It is strange, feeling the transformation taking place. I am trying to be open and patient to allow all that needs to grow to do so. I am also trying not to become too comfortable in this cocoon because I cannot stay when the time comes to fly. I will have a moment to dry my new wings, to bask in the sunlight and appreciate the immense change I have gone through. Every level of my being is transforming. Body, Mind and Spirit are all growing, glowing, and awakening and it is something to be proud of in reflection. When that moment passes, it will be time to fly and show off those bold, beautiful wings and all the new ideas that were born with them! Thank you all for reading, and sticking with me through these changes. Big things are coming soon, once this reformation is complete. Stay tuned 😉😇🦋