Hello friends! Things have been shifting over here at the Divine Nature Blog. New doors are opening, and it is all leading to very exciting things. Right now my wonderful friend Heather has done a new Pick a Card reading for everyone using the Raven Prophecy Tarot and the Ask Your Guides Oracle cards. This reading focuses on relationships and things to work on individually to help a relationship thrive. Make sure to leave a comment below or send some feedback to divinenatureblog@gmail.com and let us know what you think! Without further ado, let’s dive into this relationship reading!

Ravens Prophecy Tarot

Take a moment and pick a deck or crystal from the image above. Once you have chosen, scroll down to see what relationship guidance the cards have for you!

Deck One

With the Page cards side by side, you typically tend to have a childlike nature in your relationships. You love learning and seeking the truth with optimism. Since you wear your emotions on your sleeve, it’s important to clear any bad feelings, doubts, and emotions you have accumulated over the years so you can cut to the heart of the matter. The magician lets us know that you are very versatile and have the ability to build yourself up after a downfall or setback in your life. Finding ways to balance your emotions with confidence will be empowering! The wands are suggesting some type of conflict. I feel someone is not agreeing with another’s views and life choices. It is being urged for you seek help to help with any burdens you may feel. The new life card at the bottom is your divine message. It says: New life is on the way! If you are a man, it is time for your creativity to take form in the real world. If you are a woman, it is a time for fertility and birth. If you are married, this can indicate a child may be on the way.

Deck Two

The devil card suggests that you have put on a mask to cover the negative aspects of your past that are continuing to control your actions in other relationships. This leads to jealousy and addiction. The eight of coins that follows brings hope. If you decide to put in the hard work to heal from traumas, you can start to turn your relationships around for the better! Working on yourself will provide balance within and it’s time to enjoy it! Everything will work together in perfect harmony. The three of wands represent planning, family, and growth if you choose to start thinking about others! You will use your logic to gain clarity of a situation but you may have to at the expense of some feelings you have. The divine message here is: Whatever you desire in life can be obtained if you are willing to put in the hard work. The only path to success is discipline and consistency with no short cuts! Mastery in any area comes from demanding nothing less than the best from yourself! You got this!

Deck Three

The hierophant in this reading is letting you know not to make any dramatic and unconventional choices in a current matter and to stick with what is tried and true. Protect your uniqueness and don’t let others persuade different. It’s time to defend yourself, even if there may be shouting involved. You may find yourself starting over again in a relationship with childlike optimism! Please make sure not to get too focused on a problem and make sure you give enough attention to someone else’s emotions. Things may seem fine on the surface, but below there are things are not how you want them. The four of cups let’s us know that we can start to reinforce your relationships again! Ask yourself, how would you like to be treated? Make sure to treat others with the same respect. The divine message is: Lead with confidence! Your assignment is to shine your bright light into the world! Be mindful not to over work yourself. Doing so may disconnect you from your source and run the risk of getting burned out!

Deck Four

What is weighing heavy on your mind? There seems to be some anxiety and sleepless nights affiliated with a relationship. The good news is that we tend to make these issues worse than they really are. It’s time to make a decision! It’s time to start asking yourself some questions. If you stay in this relationship, will you be able to grow? You are the one holding you back from making any choices. There may be some sort of argument that has gotten you nowhere. You must make a decision to start moving forward even though you may not want to at this time. I do feel once you take that risk and make that decision, you will be able to accomplish so much! There will be an end to a relationship, or an old way of thinking in one. New beginnings are on the way! The divine message is: There is no way to avoid risk if you want to live a creative life. Go back to the drawing board if you don’t like your choices and where they have lead you. See those not-so-ideal lessons as rough drafts! You’re bound to get it right!

Thank you so much for joining this pick a card reading by Heather! Please feel free to leave some feedback and let her know if the reading resonated with you. All the love! 💞