My Hero, Intuition

In all of this chaos with covid-19 and everything shutting down, there are tons of theories and confusion. Before things reached the point we are at now, my family had an emergency that gave us reason to come back to our home state to be with family. This probably isn’t where everything begins, but it is as far as I can see currently so it is where I will start. The purpose for telling you all about this is that when you trust your intuition, it is only guidance from the highest good. Sometimes things do not make sense at the time, but if you make decisions from your heart and trust your own Intuitive guidance, things will work out in the most miraculous ways.

Divinely Decided #1

When we were packing and getting ready to make the roadtrip to our home state, we had a few big decisions to make. One of them was whether to bring our two cats with us or not. I didn’t want to stress them out by making them ride in the car for 11 hours, but I know they get stressed if we even walk outside without them because they think we are leaving them. At this point I was looking at being gone at least a week or two, so how could I leave them for that amount of time? We decided to bring them with us. They were obviously stressed in the car, and arriving at my parents house gave them very little relief. They were glad to be out of their cages, but unhappy to be in a different environment than the one they’ve grown used to. It wasn’t until today with everything closing down that we came to another decision that made me feel certain that bringing them with us was the right choice.

Divinely Decided #2

John and I have been discussing all week when it would be best for him to head back home to work so we can keep up with our bills. I’ve had this feeling that he shouldn’t go back yet, and that we were brought up here together for a reason, more even than just our family emergency. We have often talked about what we would do in the scenario that something really strange happens to the world and we need to get to our families. In most of those imagined scenes we are separated for some amount of time. However, in the current reality we were prompted to travel closer to our families BEFORE the real panic set in. We arrived before all of the quarantines, social distancing, and business closures. When they started closing restaurants in some states, he still felt that he should maybe go back to make money while he could. I told him money wouldn’t be an issue, and going back would create more problems than it would solve. He was still worried until today he received a message that the restaurant where he works will be closing due to the virus. He has no work to go back to right now. I feel like the universe made the decision for us to keep us from making any decisions based on lacking materially. Since his job is closed for the time being, I’m glad we brought the cats because we can stay up here with our families during all of this craziness!

The Feather

The night before we left as I was packing, I had the urge to look through my nature box. It is a decorative box I ordered on Etsy specifically to keep treasures that I find in nature. It had things like rocks, sea shells, and a walnut. My favorite thing that fills the box is my collection of feathers. I have 7 or 8 feathers that I’ve found at times when I needed reassurance or guidance. They come to me like answers from the angels and I love looking at all of them and remembering the meaning they hold. Most of them are gray or white, but I do have one special black feather that always reminds me of protection. I carried my pile of feathers to the bedroom to show John the collection I had gathered. I asked him if I should bring the black feather for protection and he said it was up to me. I decided in the moment not to bring it because I didn’t want to lose it or have it get damaged. I carried the whole stack back to the kitchen and put them away in their box. A few minutes later I was heading back towards the bedroom when I saw something in the middle of the floor… it was the black feather! I took that as a sure sign from the universe that I needed to bring it with me. For protection, or mysticism, or just for the journey my little feather friend is with me.

The Money

Money has been a big concern with everything happening. We weren’t sure how we were going to afford the trip up with the funds we had, but we knew we had to get up here to be with family. John wasn’t making as much money as he had hoped in the shifts he had before we were leaving, so money was looking to be really tight. Every reading that I did said we were going to receive help, and I had a feeling things would be okay. I just didn’t know exactly where it would come from or how it would get here. I had been telling three of my best friends about everything, and they thought it was so silly that money was the only reason that we hadn’t left already to come see our family. Between the three of them they loaned us more than enough to make the trip! It was an absolute miracle, they are angels that helped us out at a time when we were really weren’t sure what to do. (Thank you Carolyn, Milena and Taylor!) The next day we needed to get new tires on the car and it needed an oil change. John had done a mock checkout on the website to prepare for the cost of the necessities of the car. However after everything was finished we received another financial miracle… the total was $100 less than we had anticipated! It honestly felt as though the universe was telling us not to worry about money and just get where we needed to be.

There have been some other small things in between, but I am still so amazed at how things are working out. We made it up here and we are being constantly reminded to appreciate what we have, who we have, and trust that things are working out the way they need to. It is SO important to trust our intuition all the time, but when important decisions come up it is a great time to look within and choose what the best course of action is. It won’t always make sense in that moment, but sometimes when you look back it becomes clear why certain things unfold the way they do. Your intuition is your strongest tool. Use it often, because it will always steer you in the best direction!


  1. Love this post. I agree some things are just meant to be. I’m so glad you came when you did and that John stayed when he did.