The Blue Butterfly Spirit

** Trigger warning! I recently lost a family member and will be discussing it in this post. If that is a touchy subject for you, I recommend skipping this one for now. There is a very positive message here, but it will only come through that way if you are ready to receive it as positive. All the love to you!**

I know I have been absent from posting for a little while. Things have been chaotic for the whole world, and my personal world just lost a very important piece. My mother passed away on March 24th. She had been in the hospital since March 6th, fighting with her own body. It was a rollercoaster, things had been looking up but her body couldn’t keep up. The loss is still heartbreaking, it still doesn’t quite feel real. However, I am not here to vent about all of that. I am here to tell you all about the experience I had in a meditation a few days after her passing. It was beautiful, and the signs that followed were some of the most shocking synchronicities I have ever experienced, and they helped me know that she is doing perfectly fine over the veil.

The Meditation

All the days have really been blending together lately, but a day or two after her passing I tried to do a meditation and see if I could connect with my mom. I had been messaging with a friend who I feel may have acted as a conduit for the communication as well because she was receiving messages at the same time. I put on this healing frequency (linked right HERE) and focused in my mother’s energy. It was all very fuzzy in the beginning but then I very clearly envisioned her hand grabbing on to my hand. This brilliant white light surged from her hand into mine and filled my entire body. She showed me this swirling pink and blue pattern. I told her it looked like one of the Trix yogurt cups she used to get my brothers and I when we were younger. She laughed about that and agreed. The pattern went from just colors to looking like a full galaxy. There were some other symbols that I can’t recall, but towards the end there was one that stood out so intensely. She showed me a blue butterfly!

The Butterfly Symbol

I came out of the meditation very soon after seeing the butterfly. It is a symbol I have referenced quite a bit here in the blog, so I did wonder if maybe it was my imagination processing all of the changes happening. I was still so excited to have seen her and laughed with her, however briefly. It gave me a ton of strength along with a lot of hope and faith that she is as peaceful and free as I imagined her to be. My deeply connected sister-in-law did a very beautiful meditation the day of my mother’s passing and I truly believe it helped guide her to a place of safety and light on the other side. She struggled a lot with physical and emotional pain and mental health in life, so I maintained faith that she would shed those struggles in the transition and be set free. I am currently realizing she is a butterfly on so many levels! I continued to see butterfly symbolism in many places that I hadn’t noticed previously, and realized that it may be a symbol of her communication. Even just to say “here I am, I love you!” When I finally decided to look up what blue butterflies symbolize, it was like a huge affirmation. Here is a quick list of what I found to support this:

  • The website that I first looked at about blue butterfly symbolism is called and the specific section I was in was called pets on The “t” in pets resembles an angel to me.
  • Butterflies are sometimes used to symbolize “a person’s essence or their soul.”
  • The color blue can represent the Empress archetype or the Great Mother.
  • Blue butterflies can signify nostalgia. says it comes into your life to remind you of some beautiful memories; it does not want you to dwell in the past, but to process your feelings and move forward, keeping dear memories close to your heart so they can give you strength and not hold you back.”

I really believe that last one is a direct message from my mother. She does not want us to be sad, but instead look back on all of the wonderful memories and keep forming new happy memories with our friends and families. I felt such relief when I looked up the symbolism of the blue butterfly, and that feeling was affirmed even further the next day. A package had come to the house addressed to my dad from his work. They had sent a beautiful potted peaceplant. He handed me a smaller box that had come with it and asked me to open it and see what it was. I saw a sticker on the bottom and my heart stopped for a second. It said “Butterfly Angel” on the sticker with a picture of the decorative ornament inside. I opened it up quickly and then opened the packaging for the plant as well. The angel herself and the pot for the plant had a bunch of little butterflies!

“In memory of a life so beautifully lived and a heart so deeply loved.”

I could not believe my eyes. My heart was exploding, I knew this was a sign from my mom and the universe that things were absolutely fine. She is with us every step of the way, surrounding us with love, support, and guidance.

Thank you so much for reading this amazing account about the butterfly symbol that my mother sent me. I have still been seeing them and I am so glad to have received the message and followed it faithfully. Trusting the messages we receive isn’t always easy, but most of the time the reward really outweighs the fear. We do have a GoFundMe set up to help pay for the hospital bills, the link is right HERE if you would like to donate. Otherwise all I ask is that you hold your families, friends, and furbabies close. You will never regret showing someone how much they mean to you.

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