Archangel Metatron, Sacred Geometry, and Starseeds

Bare with me as I lead you down a bit of a rabbit hole. Archangel Metatron is coming through strong, and I’m piecing these messages together bit by bit.

It all started with a light code activation video I watched on YouTube, which you can find right HERE. I really suggest watching it, and if you are drawn to read this post I believe you are meant to receive the information in that video, or even one of her other videos. I digress. After watching the light code activation I watched a tarot reading video she did as a follow up to the activiation. In this video she mentioned Arcturian starseeds. I had never heard of Arcturus or the starseeds, but I was immediately so drawn to that word. It struck an intense chord within me I almost abandoned the reading to dive in to research. I pushed the research to the back of my mind though, because I wanted to finish the video. Two days later the thought came back to me and I finally began researching Arcturian beings. The very first thing I found on the subject was a starseed origin quiz, which you can find right HERE.

Arcturian Starseeds

As I took the quiz a big part of me expected to get a result that had nothing to do with Arcturians. I braced for it, but something inside me kept telling me I would be surprised. Sure enough, my result was ARCTURIAN! I was overjoyed with validation. I couldn’t help but feel like that was all the proof I needed that I am linked to those beings. As ecstatic as I was about my result, reading the description did bring me a bit of doubt. Arcturian beings are often very interested in technology and math. Those are two things I am not particularly fond of. It also mentioned having a strong personality and being a good public speaker. I don’t know that I’d describe my personality as strong… and public speaking? I get stage fright reading out loud to my 4 year old daughter. There was a pang of discouragement, but what followed that pang was wonderful. I was flooded with this sense of knowing- I knew that description wasn’t the end-all be-all for Arcturian starseeds. I knew that I haven’t fully embraced certain parts of myself yet, and I am still learning things every day that bring me closer to my full potential. I knew that result was just a small guideline. It was a catapult into finding more knowledge about these beings and how I am linked to them. *** As I’m typing this it is 10:10pm and my phone is at 10% battery life! That feels like a HUGE affirmation! *** I continued my research and learned about other types of starseeds. I reevaluated a lot of the visions and dreams that I’ve had recently and considered how they could be linked to this newfound starseed origin. Finding this information has actually changed my perception on a lot of every day things. This leads to the next stop in the rabbit hole tour.

Sacred Geometry- Metatron’s Cube

Mutations Cube, found on

One big thing that stood out in my research into Arcturian beings was their love of sacred geometry. I do enjoy seeing the patterns that make up everything in life, such as the Tree of Life/human placenta. That being said, I have never done any in depth learning about sacred geometry. Without knowing it, I had been seeing a very important geometric pattern everywhere. I didn’t even realize there was a name attached to it until I decided to do an Archangel Metatron meditation. In the video for the meditation the symbol showed up for a few seconds. That was the third time in a 24 hour period that I noted its appearance, so I began to open up to the messages that I was clearly meant to receive about this image. The symbol is called Metatron’s Cube, and that meditation mentioned that the symbol can appear when Archangel Metatron is trying to connect with a person.

During this meditation I had a short vision of what I thought was a clock. It was rotating counter-clockwise, the hands going from the 8 spot to the 7 spot. I had no idea what this meant, but I was certain it was important. I haven’t gotten very far in the research yet, but I did read that the circles in the pattern can represent the 13 Archangels, with Metatrons circle right in the center. Perhaps there is a certain order for the Archangels in the symbol, and the ones that appeared in those spots are who I should be asking for assistance? I dove into information about Metatrons Cube trying to find if there was anything about which Archangels belong in those spots. I didn’t find anything like that, but I did find a diagram for the “13 Sacred Keys” within the pattern!

I do NOT own this image!

As I looked at the diagram, I realized it was set up very much like a clock and even includes the same numbers! Number 8, The Law of Cause & Effect, mentions the Third Eye Chakra. That is one of the Chakras I have been working on opening up recently along with one other. Can you guess which other Chakra I have been working with? If you’ve been paying attention, I’m sure you guessed correctly. It’s the throat Chakra, mentioned above in the 7 spot, for the Law of Vibration! Messages are still coming through, but I believe that Archangel Metatron was giving me a glimpse at a cheat sheet for what I need to focus on currently. I need to work with the Sacred Keys, particularly the Law of Cause & Effect and the Law of Vibration. This feels like a time for deep studying and opening up to gifts received through new knowledge. Speaking of gifts, the last stop in this rabbit hole is all about lightworkers.

Gatekeepers and Keyholders

When I clicked on that image from my search, it brought me to a website that sold something called Metatrons Disc (which you can find by clicking HERE.) Metatrons Disc helps to protect the space around it within a 13 foot diameter. It protects against negative energy and psychic attacks, and it assists in opening portals for key holders. I’m not certain, but I think key holders are also known as gatekeepers. They are very important lightworkers (you can find other types of lightworkers by clicking HERE) who are in charge of opening energetic gateways in the universe. I am drawn to many types of lightwork, but for some reason I have told myself that I can’t be all of them. The artist who makes the Discs says that if you are drawn to the Discs, you are a key holder. Reading that was like receiving the Arcturian quiz result all over again. I felt so validated in my abilities just by being drawn to that symbol and that tool! I will be ordering one at some point, and I trust that the angels will provide me with the funds to do so when the time is right. All of this information has given me confidence to trust my nudges and challenge the part of my ego that tells me there are limits on my abilities.

I apologize if this is a bit of a hectic post. This is all such new territory for me and I have just been so excited to get this information out to everyone. If you have any questions please feel free to comment or email me at I am sending all the love to all of you! I hope this post unlocks something for you, or connects some dots that weren’t quite connected. πŸ’ž


  1. Hello!!

    Just wanted to leave a quick comment to say I have 1010 tattooed on my fingers and I found your post as I was searching Angel Metatron and starseed origins. Sending you lots of love!!! I skimmed through your post grabbing what I need and having it send me down rabbit holes of my own but truthfully I believe I found your post just to confirm your 1010

    BLESSED BE SISTER!!! πŸ‘οΈπŸ’‹βš”οΈπŸ™


    • Oh wow! I love this, thank you so much for commenting. That definitely feels like further confirmation and I appreciate it so much! I love this wild journey πŸ˜†
      Thank you!! Sending you love right back πŸ˜‡πŸ₯°πŸ’ž