Hello everyone! There is a full moon beginning June 5th at 2:12pm CST (my timezone, adjust accordingly!) If you are able, for the next few days I would like everyone to take some time and meditate with this full moon and lunar eclipse energy. I have a Facebook event set up for anyone who would like to join! The link is right HERE!

The full moon phase is a time of release, clearing old energy, receiving rewards for past work, manifestation, celebration, and gratefulness. It is a time to reap what you have sewn, harvest the fruits that you have worked so hard to grow. Lunar Eclipse is a time of clarity, truth, renewal, emotional cleansing, and change. Both of these strong energies are already coming at us right now. I have felt recently that this full moon is going to be particularly strong, and the effects are already showing. Humanity is very connected right now, even through illness, violence, and divide. I have stayed quiet through recent events because my words in those moments would not have had the desired affect. Now it is time for us to act in a way that affects us all. We will use this connection that we all have and meditate together, from all over. We will raise the frequency of the Earth and humanity and help shift the cycle in to one of love, compassion, acceptance, and gratitude.

For the next three days, let’s take every available moment to meditate. Even if it is only a few seconds at a time. Let’s consciously take the time and make the effort to send unconditional love out into the world. Allow that love to come back to you and accept all of the gifts the Full Moon has for you. Among the cleansing and the breaking of cycles, we are all going through a spiritual awakening. Many of us will be receiving psychic gifts and energetic downloads during this full moon. Information and answers to questions asked long ago may come to us thanks to the eclipse. These are gifts that we should accept openly and with gratitude.

There is no wrong way to meditate. Do what feels right for you! If you have an idea for a full moon ritual, do it! If you meditate with music, do it. Allow yourself to relax, and let go of all that no longer serves you. Let old emotions and pain be transformed into love. Let love fill you, through you, and flow from you out into the world. We are all one. Let’s allow love to be what drives us and helps us thrive. If you aren’t sure where to begin, my wonderful friend Jess wrote this poem specifically for this full moon and eclipse. You can read it before meditating, or even read it aloud as you meditate! Reflect on the message and let the words work in tandem with the moon. Whatever works best for you, go with it.

Polish my flesh and make me new

Deliver my freedom under this moon

Crimson, red, and strawberry pink

I allow my roots to deeply sink

I join the fool in his dance

Releasing all my pain of the past

I offer you my grace and honor

Humbled to be your sons and daughters

Let strength and love fill my soul

The moon and I remaining whole

I love you all! I will be taking time over the next three days to meditate and send out love, and I will be doing a very long meditation tomorrow evening. I can already feel the energy shifting into that of love. Thank you all for joining me in this journey.