Harmony Is Coming

This is going to be a quick post, and my intention is to share a brief but powerful beam of light with everyone fighting for the good of the world.

It feels like we are really in the thick of it right now. The empaths, the starseeds, the lightworkers, and everyone in between, can feel the shift. It is hard to know what to focus on with everything falling apart simultaneously around us. There are causes all around that are all violently vocalizing their thoughts and feelings. They sometimes conflict with each other, making it difficult to choose a side. If you are reading this, there is only one side you need to choose and that is the side of LOVE.

Be compassionate in every thought, every action, and every moment. We do not need to expend energy condemning opposing views or making each other feel badly about our opinions. If you are fighting from your heart, there will be no hate. Only hope.

If you catch yourself feeling hatred, anger, and overwhelm, give it to the angels. I am serious about this, and if you scoff or think that sounds ridiculous than you are not ready for this change. Roll up those feelings that you are carrying that are anything other than love and hope and hold it up for the angels to take and transmute. Believe in their power to heal you, and in YOUR power to allow yourself to heal.

There is evil spread all throughout our Earth right now, and it is clinging to control. Illusions are being shattered, hypnosis is being broken. At the end of the day, the ONLY thing we have control of is ourselves. Be aware of what you are sending out in to the world, and be sure that when it comes back to you amplified, you are grateful to receive it.

Keep your vibes high in these troubling times, and know that HARMONY IS COMING. All the love to all of you beautiful souls!