Lady Catherine’s Prophecies (Dream 1)

*** This dream occurred the night of September 22nd, 2020. ***

A giant howling wave rose high and swept through a great city of skyscrapers. I watched the terror and futility on people’s faces as they were swallowed by the swell.

Running through the town, I noticed the wave was not enveloping me, only those around me. It twisted and turned in and around me to avoid my touch and devour all besides myself. As it crashed over the entirety of the town, screams rang out from all directions; I felt an overwhelming rush of despair.

When the onslaught was over, I joined 3 others who rode on horseback, while I too had acquired a horse along the way. We traveled through what seemed like an ancient forest. Autumn had shed the leaves upon the trees surrounding us, and painted the floor with the their colorful corpses. Some trees were completely dead and silent, while others were merely settling in for their long and imminent slumber.

We came upon a stone wall that was covered in dead vines, and stood towards the back nook of the forest. The stone was curved in a half circle, and resembled that of a crescent moon. It reminded me of the word wall in skyrim where you receive the knowledge from the word of power.

Upon the wall frozen in time, and reaching over the top of it, was an enormous creature of unknown origin. Like many of the trees in this forest, it too appeared to be in some kind of deep slumber. We approached and stood before it on horse back. We got closer to the creature, but still had no idea what we were looking at.

It appeared to be a hydra, a dragon with 3 heads, but upon closer inspection, it had much more than just that. Long dark tentacles protruded from all sides of the creature, and looked to be coming out of it’s flesh. Like it was in the middle of giving birth to legions of them, but time was broken and halted the processes. When I walked around the giant creature, I noticed more and more heads with long necks. Reptilian and snake-like in appearance, they all had elemental attributes except the main 3 heads at the center. It’s flesh was dusty colored and looked like stone, and anywhere we stood, their eyes appeared to follow us. I reached my hand out to touch the creature, and was shocked at how stone-like it’s skin was… and warm.

We decided to dismount our horses and climbed over the ridge where the monster lay inanimate, and found an even stranger sight to behold…thousands of men on horseback lined the forest floor beyond the stone wall. There was no wind, almost no air even, and the atmosphere was thick and stagnant. We walked the lines of what appeared to be soldiers, but not soldiers from our own time. They wore the armor and attire of ancient samurai, and looked Mongolian or perhaps Chinese in ethnicity. Their bodies and expressions were frozen in time as well, and held their swords, bows and spears at the ready.

I suddenly had the thought that I could revive them, but I was unsure if I should do so. I had a horrible feeling about both these men, and the terrifying creature that lay beyond the wall, but I wanted to test my ability to breathe life into them. I chose one of the ancient soldiers who held a spear in hand. He had long dark hair and a full, dark beard as well, and wore a helmet with a pointed tip. I reached my hand out and placed it gently on his cheek, then whispered something softly in his ear. Suddenly, the color began to return to his cheeks, and his chest would rise and fall from the breath he took.

He looked down at me, then gave a nod in my direction. His horse reared up to stand on its backs legs and winnied as he rose his spear into the air triumphantly… And that’s when I woke up.

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