Hello everybody! My name is Sierra. I have three main passions with some smaller ones mixed in. My biggest passion and main priority is raising my children. My boyfriend John and I have two beautiful daughters, Charlotte and Dahlia. They light up my world and are the absolute brightest souls I’ve ever met. My second passion is very similar to taking care of my babies, and that is rescuing animals. My family has taken care of hundreds of foster animals, and had many family pets as well. My third passion, and the main focus of this blog is spiritual growth and personal development. I had a spiritual awakening a few years ago, and have been learning to heal and trust my intuition ever since. Recently I began receiving signs about my life purpose, and it lead me here! I am so excited to share my own light and journey with the world. I hope you enjoy the stories I have to offer, and maybe you will be inspired to share your own! Thank you for joining me on this wonderful adventure.