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A Humanitarian Dream

We filed our tax returns today, and it put me in budget mode. I am weighing the things we want to buy with our refund (bedroom furniture for the girls!) vs. the debt we owe. There is quite a bit owed because living the dream doesn’t always start out glamorously. Adding up all of the overlooked bills and outstanding fees, […]

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Chakra Balancing Meditation

Previously in my post about Archangel Haniel, I referenced a meditation that I believe helped me get in touch with her. The meditation began as a way to clear my energy on a day that I was feeling really off. I felt angry and stressed out, so I just started from the lowest chakra and worked my way up. In […]

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A Sprouting Seed (Starting a Blog)

This post contains affiliate links. If you read my post from a few weeks back, I had made a goal of following the flow of life and the universe. Those gentle waves have actually shaped this blog a lot. I had a lot of ideas in mind that have changed or disappeared completely. The website has gotten a pretty makeover, […]

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