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Signs from the Angels

Imagine you are out for a walk, mulling over some touchy emotions or situation in your head. Maybe you just went through a difficult break-up, or you are on the verge of a life-changing move that has you feeling anxious. You take a deep breath and decide to stop and sit on a nearby bench for a moment. These emotionally […]

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It starts like a single rain drop. It could be a repeating number, or an animal appearing to you constantly or behaving strangely. It begins slowly, so it is easy to brush it off. You can convince yourself that it was a coincidence. You tell yourself it isn’t raining. Then that single drop turns into a drizzle, and then a […]

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The First Big Splash

Splash of Happy is something I update on this blog every day. It is a simple way to share kind words, because even a small drop of positivity can have a big ripple effect. Every Wednesday I will make a “Big Splash” post. The purpose of the Big Splash is to dive a little deeper into what the quote or […]

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